Center for Data Mining and Bioinformatics (CIPB) is a research laboratory at Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, oriented towards applications of mathematics and computer science in life sciences. Beside scientific research, CIPB provides various services in data analysis and management.

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Current activities

Analysis of results obtained from Raman spectroscopy of biological samples

Bioinformatics analysis of plant virus's nucleotide sequences

Development of terminological dictionaries for agricultural domain and its sub-domains


CIPB services

- analysis of biological data using mathematics and statistics, as well as specific methods of data mining

- development and analysis of mathematical models

- organizing specialized courses in the field of data analysis

- organizing specialized courses in the field of programming for scientific research purposes (R, Matlab...)

- designing and developing databases

- automatic processing of textual data and information extraction from text (text mining)

Working with students

- teaching several courses at all departments of Faculty of Agriculture and at all study levels (undergraduate, master and Ph.D.); several courses are taught at other faculties of University of Belgrade

- mentoring students in graduate, mentor and Ph.D. thesis development

- taking part in Wikimedia Serbia's program for educational institutions (engaging students in writing Wikipedia articles)

Current projects

Tempus project "Blending academic and entrepreneurial knowledge in technology enhanced learning", BAEKTEL

Tempus project "Interdisciplinary Curricula in Computing to Meet Labor Market Needs", INCOMING

COST action IC1302: Semantic Keyword-based Search on structured data sources, Keystone

COST action FA1407: Application of next generation sequencing for the study and diagnosis of plant viral diseases in agriculture, DIVAS

COST action TD1409: Mathematics for industry network, MI-NET

COST action BM1006: Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis Network, SeqAhead

Scientific projects funded by Ministry of science and technological development, Republic of Serbia

TR 30163: Using new genotypes and technological innovations for improving fruit and vine production

TR 31051: Improvement of biotechnological procedures as a function of rational utilization of energy, agricultural products productivity and quality increase

178006: Serbian language and its resources: theory, description and applications

Associates and friends

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